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How does ICO marketing benefits crypto startups?

How does ICO marketing benefits crypto startups?

Find out what ICO marketing is and what are the major advantages of pursuing ICO marketing services in order to promote your ICO.   

What is ICO and ICO Marketing services? 

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a crypto-specific way of raising capital for a cryptocurrency business. Focusing on your product/service is crucial to success. The purpose of ICO marketing is to build brand awareness and footfalls (in an ICO project), similar to the purpose of digital marketing. An ICO marketing campaign's aim is to attract investors who are interested in fund-seeking projects. 

10 Major Benefits of Pursuing ICO Marketing Services 

1. An economical option:  

As far as working within your budget is concerned, outsourcing ICO marketing services is one of the best ways to save money and also to get the same results you would have been able to achieve if you had built your own in-house marketing team if you spent more money. 

2. Marketing strategies tailored to Cryptocurrency:  

A general marketing campaign cannot compete with a specific ICO marketing campaign because ICO marketing is more focused and strategic in contrast to general marketing campaigns. In order to employ marketing strategies that are crypto-specific, one must know the What, why, and where of employing them.   

3. Strategies for the future:  

Working with an agency calls for the additional benefit of always staying on the current trend. Yes, Professional agencies are well aware of the trending technology and current trends in demand, which ultimately helps your project stay updated.  

There is no doubt that agencies that have a performance-driven approach help you deliver relevant offers at the right time by using analytical reports, data, and software. 

4. Collaboration on Expertise:  

Inbound marketing has become essential for a successful ICO campaign. It includes a wide range of skills, like SEO, content, social media, branding, and paid advertising. When you take professional help you get quick access to all these services along with added expertise and effective approaches. 

5. Result-oriented: 

Planning, strategizing, and implementing strategies are just not enough. You need to measure the end results and check whether or not the utilized strategies were successful in delivering effective results. A good ICO marketing campaign will help you track all indicators so you can understand what's working and what strategies are most effective as they have adequate resources and tools to measure performance metrics.    

6. Airdrops and bounty programs:  

A competent firm will be able to assist you in the adoption of a variety of innovative strategies to drive investors, such as bounty campaigns and airdrop campaigns, in order to find investors for your project. By offering a variety of rewards to your participants, you can utilize bounty programs to encourage behaviors that will promote your ICOs and provide you with useful insight. 

7. Capacity to overtake (anytime): 

It is possible for an agency to start working on the project that an in-house team left off at any given point in time. Agencies can help you get in with the current trends of the market and will ensure that a consistent workflow is maintained with appropriate marketing strategies. Additionally, they optimize ICO marketing strategies in order to ensure that value is delivered directly to customers. 

8. Building communities: 

It is very important to build a community around your ICO project if you want it to succeed. Being a newbie in the crypto industry, you will need assistance from experts. There is no doubt that a reputable ICO company can help you establish good relations with your community, by forming one and maintaining it appropriately as part of your project. 

9. Developing a diverse skill set:  

An in-house ICO marketing team with experts in every segment is very challenging, and it comes at an additional cost. In fact, getting help from a professional ICO marketing firm that has all the necessary skills for a full campaign, such as graphic design, SEO, development, etc. is a viable and appropriate solution.    

10. Boost visibility:  

ICO marketing services help small businesses attract more visitors. By allowing a wider group of people to view your project, public ICOs are a successful way to raise capital. Investors are not subject to any restrictions when it comes to participating in the ICOs and anyone can purchase tokens as part of the ICO. 

Final thoughts

Having seen the benefits of hiring a proficient ICO marketing, it is evident to get professional help when you are launching an ICO for the first time. If you are looking to get aid from a specialized and reliable ICO marketing firm, don’t forget to checkout our ICO marketing services.

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