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Best 8 Crypto Paid Ads Networks in 2023!

Best 8 Crypto Paid Ads Networks in 2023!


To all those wondering what Crypto paid ads network is, it is basically similar to what Google Ads is. Howsoever, the main point of difference is Google Ads involves promotion of all projects but the focus of crypto ads network is limited to crypto specific projects only.  

That’s it, that’s the bottom line.  

Now let’s quickly get an idea of how crypto paid ads network helps you in increasing the overall value of your project: 

How crypto paid ads network help you with your crypto project? 

A crypto-paid ads network can be a great way to increase the awareness of your project. The ads will showcase on a different crypto related website that ensures your project is promoted where crypto people hang out. By connecting you with potential customers and partners, a paid ads network can help you reach your target market and make your crypto marketing strategies more successful.  

In addition, a paid ads network can provide you with valuable data and feedback about your project. By understanding your target market and making data-driven decisions, you can create a project that is more valuable to your users and more likely to succeed. 

So, we have got a pretty good idea on why it is important, the next step involves knowing the right platform to advertise;  

Here’s your answer: 

Top 8 Crypto Ad Networks for 2023: 

Presenting before you a list of top 8 crypto ad networks that are reliable for your project marketing and will be actually helpful if you are looking for one-

1. Coinzilla:  

Beating the crypto promotional market Coinzilla secures the top place by publishing over 20,000 publishers in monetizing their websites and advertising more than 200 brands. The network was first established in 2016 and even after these many years stay to their promise of delivering effective advertising methods.

 coinzilla crypto ad 

Their team of experts have a great ability to build array of customized advertising solutions including cutting edge display, native, pop-ups, and press release advertising. 

One thing to note about Coinzilla only accepts websites that already have good engagement and interaction rates. The pre-requites to be shortlisted is that your website should be live from more than 03 months, accompanied with fast loading and user-friendly design.

2. Bitmedia: 

It’s probably hard to find a better and promising crypto ad network that Bitmedia. Established in 2015, and gathering more than 7+ years of expertise, Bitmedia at present runs about 5,000 crypto websites with more than 20,000 campaigns on the network.  

bitmedia crypto ad

Their analytics of 1 billion impressions worldwide and 20 million unique visits per month is as impressive as their networking abilities.  

It uses AI-based targeting choices such as geolocation, frequency of publishing, and time. They offer clients both CPM and CPC models, as well as extensive verification procedures to guarantee that each vendor may indeed be individually validated. 

3.  Adshares: 

Adshares has been around since 2017 and has been strongly affirming the pillars of web3 ecosystem with their power-packed infrastructure for all digital advertising. 

adshares crypto ad

They allow automated advertising specifically oriented to metaverse and gaming. Their categorized niche advertising helps business reach their end audience more effectively. Adshares claims to offer the lightest, fastest & greenest advertising solution with a transactional speed of 1.4 million transfers per second.  

Adshare does not limit the promotion of your crypto project to banners, it also promotes sponsored articles on authority sites, premium blockchain newsletters, and listings on exchanges. It also useful for promoting crypto games. 

4. Ad Dragon: 

New in the crypto domain, Ad Dragon was launched in the year 2019, with an aim to ease out the matches of advertisers with publishers.

Due to its complete decentralized nature, advertise do not come across any algorithm and has the ultimate liberty to place ads wherever they desire.  

Ad Dragon allows you to set up an online business and sell sponsored articles, banner advertisements, press releases, pop-up ads, and other items. So, advertisers can simply contact you while browsing the listings. 

Their no strict entry requirement and Full control over ad placements gains them all the extra points.  

5. CoinTraffic:  

Grounded in 2014, Cointraffic has been providing an expectational gateway for promotion to advertiser and publishers worldwide. They have traced 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers in their network complimented with significant volume of traffic and impressions every month. 

cointraffic crypto ad

KuCoin exchange and Paragon, one of the leading advertisers are linked to the platform. The platform also offers a wide variety of advertising formats, and mainly supports CPM and pop-up advertising models in its revenue strategy.   

Cointraffic have the ability to divert highly targeted Cryptocurrency audiences through multiple ad formats. Trusted by top crypto companies, this platform is one to go for without any hesitation.  

6. CoinAd:   

So, if you think CoinAd is just like the other networks, you are probably mistaken here. Unlike other platforms where publishers reach out to the network and request to join the platform, CoinAd themselves send invites to publishers they want joining their platform.

coinad crypo ad

Not just that, the publishers who are been invited by CoinAd has other exclusive benefits to enjoy. The platforms use multiple Ad formats to generate quality leads and better traffic.  

The platform is really very easy to start with and gives you advantage to promote your ads on over 260+ blockchain  websites that to at a very low cost.   

7. Bitraffic:

Even after being new to the industry, Bittraffic has successfully embarked on the ship of success. Their workings in just a few years have created a lasting impact on advertisers and publishers. Their unique and ultra-secured blockchain technology with a wide network has gained them a lot of popularity. 

bitraffic crypto ad

The hassle-free registration process and 24/7 customer support is just another layer of benefit added by them. Custom advertising campaigns in CPC, CPM, and pop-under advertisements are available on the network. They also have an anti-bot system that detects and eliminates bots and fraudulent accounts. 

With more than 2700+ websites to publicize your projects on, Bittraffic enables you to grow your project & business at an incredible pace.  

8. A-ads: 

A-ads an abbreviation for Anonymous Ads was primarily launched in the year 2011. This crypto ad network has grasped a strong hold in the industry since a long time and currently has over 70 million impressions and over 60,000 clicks per day, which is fairly impressive data. 

aads crypto ad

One of the reasons why A-ads is a popular crypto-paid network is its user-friendly interface with reliable customer service. The best part is the platform has a blockchain principle that supports anonymity per transaction, eliminating all personal data and verification restrictions that other crypto ad networks do not.  

This network has no additional entry barriers, and its straightforward and to-the-point metric analysis is an additional advantage for publishers.  

Wrapping up

Crypto paid ads network is the most reliable and secured way to promote your crypto projects. You can get advantage of such exclusive platform to reach to wide audience base and also come across trending and popular piece of content and advertising.  

Getting an idea of top-performing crypto and NFT influencers, and attending a chance to collaborate with them is an add-on from such networks. These platforms are a great way to generate expectational revenue with every dollar spent.  

In the end, there exist a lot of crypto ad networks available, howsoever choosing the one that is more reliable and trustworthy is what is needed.  

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