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Top 10 ICO Marketing agencies for Crypto & Blockchain!

Top 10 ICO Marketing agencies for Crypto & Blockchain!

Read how ICOs are an integral part of a project’s success and which are the top leading firms that guide you with your ICO marketing.  


Why ICO is an essential element for your project's success? 

Blockchain technology has been widely used by entrepreneurs to bring their projects to life in recent years. For a promising idea launch, an initial coin offering has proven to be an efficient means of gathering funds. 

In addition to supporting your ICO project, investors are also able to profit from it! As part of the company's business plan, they illustrate their global market goals, show their ICO marketing strategies, and explain how much money would be needed to launch a startup. Most projects can easily raise the money they need. 

The use of crypto money today includes participating in token sales, exchanging tokens, and investing in various projects in order to achieve higher profits. It provides supporters with the opportunity to fund an appealing ICO and receive native tokens, which can be later traded for the higher value. 


Benefits of hiring an ICO marketing  agency

>Save more time:

Marketing is one of the last tasks in a project launch, but it can be very demanding and time-consuming. Rather than wasting your time and energy on marketing, marketing agencies can handle most of the work for you so you can concentrate on other aspects of the project. 

>Improve overall performance:

In addition to offering advice on improvements you can make to your product, experts at these agencies can also identify potential campaign shortcomings. 

>Save money:

Considering the fact that you have to invest money to work with an agency, this may seem strange to you. However, the cost of hiring an expert ICO agency is much less than hiring an in-house marketing team to promote your products. 


What kind of services do ICO marketing agencies offer? 

>Press Releases:

Expert ICO marketing firms provide better promotional reach with press releases. One of the most effective ways to promote your company is through press releases. 

>Social Media Management:

Building a strong, large social network can be accomplished through social media management. 

>Influencer Marketing:

With influencer marketing, you can quickly reach a large number of people. 

>Email marketing:

Given the incredibly large number of people using email marketing, this is an excellent tool. 

>Banner Ads Campaign:

The banner ad campaign can be very effective at generating traffic to a particular website. 


Which are the best ICO marketing agencies in 2022? 

1. NinjaPromo

Founded in 2017, ICO marketing company NinjaPromo is based in New York and has offices all over the world. NinjaPromo can be considered one of the leading social media marketing and public relations for blockchain-based companies.

  ninjapromo marketing agency

They have produced outstanding content, managed public relations, conducted paid advertising, and leveraged influencer marketing for many blockchain companies. They also provide marketing strategy development, PR and influencers, email marketing, user experience design, website management, video creation, branding, and UI/UX. 


Another leading ICO marketing star on our list is based in Moscow and Russia. Any guesses?  

flexe marketing agency

Yes, It's They specialize in Bitcoin marketing. Its mission is to deliver quality marketing services to blockchain and Fintech startups at a low cost. is miles ahead of any other cryptocurrency marketing agency, as well as having access to a wide number of media partners. 

Among the company's crypto marketing services are airdrop marketing, influencer marketing, Google Adwords, PR, and IEO marketing.  RAMP DeFi, EdgeCoin, ApeSwap, and ApeSwap are among some prominent clients. 

3. Blockwiz:  

A Canadian-origin company called Blockwiz was launched in 2019 by an Indian named Dev Sharma. The idea of establishing his own agency came to him in an unexpected way. Since he couldn't find a trustworthy agency, he started his own.

blockwiz marketing agency  

Currently, the agency delivers impeccable crypto services and are performing great. The agency is trusted by global crypto brands like Bybit, CoinDCX, Delta and Vauld. The agency provides various services in the field like Web 3 marketing, Crypto content marketing, Community management, Metaverse & NFT consulting, etc.

4. Lunar Strategy: 

With unparalleled digital marketing strategies, Lunar helps crypto brands market their crypto services. By utilizing these strategies, brands can dominate Google SERP and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. 

lunar strategy marketing agency

The Lunar Strategy team offers fixed budget services, which is a great perk. Thus, crypto brands can avoid fluctuating marketing costs and budgets. Among its prominent crypto services are Google, Instagram, Facebook paid ads, social media management, PR, and influencer marketing. 

5. Coinbound: 

Founded in 2018, Coinbound is a leading crypto marketing agency with a successful track record of marketing crypto and ICO campaigns. Tyler Daniel Smith, the agency's leader, is a well-known crypto marketer known for his podcasts. 

coinbound marketing agency

As part of its crypto marketing services, Coinbound offers social media management, PPC campaigns, influencer marketing, SEO, and SEM. Moreover, it hosts the largest network of content creators, news sites, and influencers in the crypto and blockchain industries. Among the prominent clients are eToro, ShapeShift, etc.

6. Aim2door:  

Founded in 2020, Aim2door delivers high end web3 and crypto related services. With their innovative marketing solutions, they never fail to make sure that their clients reach the goals that they have previously decided.  

aim2door ico marketing agency

With a pool of dedicated developers and marketers who have enough experience in the crypto field, they are able to formulate top-of-the-line ICO strategies to get your cryptocurrency project a good start.  

Many businesses, both small and large, have been assisted by their team in achieving their ICO goals and raising the necessary funds. This company remains one of the best in ICO marketing, so you can count on them.  

7. Searched:  

The company Searched is based in London. A more comprehensive approach to content marketing & web development across London is the aim of the agency. Searched specializes in blockchain and ICO marketing, having been founded in 2017 by an entrepreneurial group. 

searched marketing agency

Among their crypto marketing services are brand storytelling, search engine optimization, content marketing, public relations, social media community management, and security token offerings. Some of their clients include Xace, BlockFI, and Clearstake. 

8. Applicature:  

The Applicature bitcoin marketing agency was founded in 2010. The best thing about Applicature is that they help both start-ups and enterprise blockchain brands. The agency gives start-up brands an opportunity to introduce their products to investors. Additionally, Applicature has its own blockchain community in Silicon Valley. 

applicature marketing agency

Their services include social media marketing, community building, PR campaigns, influencer marketing, and content marketing. Their notable clients include SLOGN, Orocrpyt, and DarICO. 

9. ReVerb: 

A successful Initial Crowd Offering (ICO) relies on marketing. Unless a company has a clear and comprehensive marketing plan, cryptocurrency and token investors won't take it seriously. 

reverb marketing agency

For blockchain-related companies, ReVerb provides full-service ICO marketing services, including White Papers, Lite Papers, Pitch Decks, and 1-Pagers.  

So far, their crypto and Web3 experts have helped startups raise over $30 million in pre-seed, seed, series A, and ICO funds. 

10. ICO Speaks:  

ICO Speaks is the leading company for blockchain marketing, with a variety of opportunities for ICO campaigns, businesses and crypto projects to generate massive traffic.  

ico speaks marketing agency

Aside from AMA sessions, ICO Speaks even offers project owners the chance to directly connect with their community and share all the details of their projects. 

To ensure that project owners get a huge crowd, they also provide ICO marketing services that include paid promotions, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and other types of marketing. 


Ending thoughts: 

Choose the right ICO marketing agency from the list to get your ICO project to the right target audience.  

These agencies' experts are the ones who have ample experience and will know best how and when to act to achieve the best result, that is, to maximize profits. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with these agencies.